Elbow - Lippy Kids chords version 3

There's a few tabs / chords on here but I believe 
this one is the most accurate for solo guitar 

The verses are just G / Dm / C (all open)

the timing is slightly difficult to get right but 
listen to the recording to hear the changes.

Then the chorus is C / Bm / G / Em / D / Bm / C 
(all open except Bm).

So it goes...

GDo they
Gdays are
C C Build a
Bmrocket boys
G etc etc etc, Hope that gives you some idea of how it goes. In the verses, the Dm to C progression might change to something else at some point but I can't work out what exactly. Maintaining the Dm to C change doesn't stick out too badly (it may even be technically correct) and only a pedant would notice in a performance. Any comments appreciated.
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