Elbow – Fugitive Motel tab

Band: Elbow
Song: Fugitive Motel
Album:Cast of Thousands

This song is in 6/8 time.

The symbol | represents approx. bar lines.

Chords used: E Em* Am C* Asus2 Bme:-0--0---0---0---0-----2-----------------------------------------------|B:-0--0---1---0---0-----3-----------------------------------------------|G:-1--2---2---0---2-----4-----------------------------------------------|D:-2--0---2---2---2-----4-----------------------------------------------|A:-2--2---0---3---0-----2-----------------------------------------------|E:-0--0-----------------------------------------------------------------|
c* Lost in a lullaby em* Side of the road c* Melt in a memory em* Slide into solitude C* Not till I can read by the moon Em* I'm not going anywhere C* em* Not till I can read by the moon chorus |E | |Am |Asus2 |E | Blow... ...tommorrow as it flies | |am other side of the world |E | |Am |Asus2 |E | From my room... ...dust bowl as it flies |am | the other side of the world Repeat the whole song SAludos a todos(pp asesinos) www.tremfantasma.com
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