Elbow – Asleep In The Back tab

			     ASLEEP IN THE BACK - Elbow
Tabbed by: Per Budtz-Jørgensen
Email: budtz38@hotmail.com

Tuning: EADGAd
Capo: 1st fret (chords relative to capo)


|Aadd11    |Aadd9,11  | x 2

|Gadd9     |Gadd9     | x 2


|Aadd11    |Aadd11    |Aadd11    |D/F#      |
                                              x 2
|Em11      |Em11      |Em11      |Dadd11    | 


|Gadd9     |D/F#      |Em11      |D/F#      |

|Em11      |Em11      |Em11      |Dadd11    |

|Gadd9     |D/F#      |Bm7       |Asus4     |

|Em11      |Em11      |Em11      |Dadd11    |

Aadd11 Aadd9,11 Gadd9 D/F# Em11 Dadd11 Bm7 Asus4e|--0-------0-------0----0----0-----0-----0----0-----------------------------|B|--0-------0-------0----0----0-----0-----0----0-----------------------------|G|--6-------6-------4----2----0-----0-----4----2-----------------------------|D|--7-------9-------5----0----2-----4-----4----2-----------------------------|A|--0-------0-------5----0----2-----5-----2----0-----------------------------|E|------------------3----2----0----------------------------------------------|
Were you crushed Did I rush you All my time is yours My twisted heart is yours The faithless shit is yours The shameless fits of love that only smother you for moments Until I fold them up and leave All yours (chorus) Oh you had to ask didn't you (x2) Oh you had to know Show your scars Not to rush you The hieroglyphic hints in all the toilet scrawl Guilty little pins And all the things I never talk about Are spilling with the gin Test how tough you are All yours (chorus) Not to rush you ===============================================================================
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