Elbow – Scattered Black And Whites tab

Hey people...due to lack of Elbow tabs out there...I thought I'd give it a shot.
Bear with me, and if you have any corrections...just email me: lord.luke@jamoria.co.uk


The whole songs based around two finger positionsFIG 1 (C formation)e-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|b------1----------1----------1-----------1----------1-----------1---------1----------1------|G----------0----------0----------0-----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0--|D----2---2-----2---2-----2---2------2---2------2---2------2---2-----2---2------2---2--------|A-3----------3----------3----------3-----------3----------3----------3----------3-----------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
FIG 2 (Fmaj7 formation)e--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|b-------1-----------1----------1-----------1----------1------------1---------1---------1-----|G-----------2----------2-----------2----------2-----------2-----------2---------2---------0--|D----3---3------3---3------3---3------3---3------3---3-------3---3-----3--3------3--3--------|A-3-----------3----------3-----------3-----------3-----------3----------3---------3----------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat above until end SIMPLE!!!! Alternatively you could play chords, which basically uses the same finger positions, just strum: Chords used C-332010 Fmaj7-x33210 C Been climbing trees I've skinned my knees Fmaj7 my hands are black the sun is going down C She scruffs my hair in the kitchen steam Fmaj7 She's listening to the dream I weaved today C Crosswords through the bathroom door Fmaj7 while someone sings the theme-tune to the news C and my sister buzzes through the room leaving perfume in the air Fmaj7 and that's what triggered this. C I come back here from time to time Fmaj7 I shelter here some days. C-Fmaj7 C A high-back chair. He sits and stares Fmaj7 A thousand yards and whistle's marching-band C Kneeling by and speaking up Fmaj7 He reaches out and I take a massive hand. C Disjointed tales that flit between Fmaj7 short trousers and a full dress uniform C And he talks of people ten years gone like I've known them all my life Fmaj7 Like scattered black 'n' whites.... C I come back here from time to time Fmaj7 I shelter here some days. C I come back here from time to time Fmaj7 I shelter here some days. C-Fmaj7 TO END Ok, enjoy, and get picking... Lol, this is an endurance song- your hand is very tired after this...
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