Electric Light Orchestra - One More Tomorrow chords

C HI'm lying here, I know the night must fall
Bb AThe edge of darkness is so near
Dm FmSo hold back the night, hold back the night
Fm C GIt's the darkness that I fear
And in my heart there's not a shadow of a doubt The final truth waits there for me Nowhere to hide, nowhere to hide From the memories CHORUS
C Cmaj7 EmGive me one more tomorrow
Bb AAll these todays alone
Dm GMean nothing anymore
C Cmaj7 EmGive me one more tomorrow
Bb AAnother chance to find
Dm GWhat I've been searching for
Inner voices in the quiet of the night Angry silence calls to me There's no time for tears, no time for tears Find a way to break free 1x Chorus
Am F DmI'm praying for a little piece of heaven tonight
FI'm searching for some help from a friend
Am FAnd all I need is a miracle
Dm F GTo help me through this night that never ends, it never ends
2x Chorus
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