Electric Light Orchestra – Ma Ma Ma Belle tab

I was cind'a into ELO until I heared tis trak and I love it so I may as well TAB it.

(Key: \=down strum, /up strum)
Drop D tuning

\Dsus4,\D,\\/Dsus4,\D,\Csus4,\C  (Bass E(D)|-0-3-0-3-0)  x2

D,C  (same time as intro but random struming)

A,D    ( x2  1st time, x4 others)

Riff break:
\Dsus4,\D,\\/Dsus4,\D,\Csus4,\C  (Bass E(D)|-0-3-0-3-0)  x2  (same as intro)

I hope that this helps all you fythem guitarists out there and may you strum it until your old and happy.

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