Electric Light Orchestra – Strange Magic tab

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From: hb3@aixterm6.urz.uni-heidelberg.de (Franz Lemmermeyer)
Subject: CRD/TAB: Strange Magic (ELO)

STRANGE MAGIC	(jeff lynne)

G+ =  3x1003   or   3x5443


G Cm G Cme|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|h|-3--1-1--0-0--|--------------|-3--1-1--0-0--|--------------|g|-4--2-2--0-0--|--4--3--2--3--|-4--2-2--0-0--|--4--3--2--3--|d|--------------|--------------|--------------|--5--4--3--4--|a|--------------|--2--1--0--1--|--------------|--------------|E|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|
G (3) G+|--------------|--------------------------||-0----0-1-3---|-6--4-6-4--3-4-3--1-3-1---||-0----0-2-4---|-7--5-7-5--4-5-4--2-4-2---||--------------|--------------------------||--------------|--------------------------||--------------|--------------------------|
G (3) G+|--------------|-----------------||-0-1-3--3-1-0-|-----------------||-0-2-4--4-2-0-|---------------2-||--------------|-8-7-6-5-4-3-1---||--------------|-9-8-7-6-5-4-3---||--------------|-----------------|
G G+ G You're sailing softly through the sun G+ G in a broken stone age dawn G+ Em You fly so high. Dm7 Em I get a strange magic, Dm7 Em oh, what a strange magic, Dm7 Em oh, it's a strange magic Am7 D7 G Got a strange magic, Am7 D7 G Cm got a strange magic. You're walking meadows in my mind, making waves across my time, oh no, oh no. I get a strange magic, oh, what a strange magic, oh, it's a strange magic. Got a strange magic, got a strange magic. Oh, I'm never gonna be the same again, now I've seen the way it's got to end, sweet dream, sweet dream. Strange magic, oh, what a strange magic, oh, it's a strange magic. Got a strange magic, got a strange magic. G G+ Em G+ It's magic, it's magic, it's magic. `&' ******************************************************** # Franz Lemmermeyer ** Die endgueltige * # Erwin-Rohde-Str. 19 ** Teilung * _#_ 69120 Heidelberg ** Deutschlands, * ( # ) ** das ist unser * / O \ hb3@ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de ** Auftrag! * ( === ) ***** Chlodwig Poth **** `---' ********************************************************
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