Electric Owls - Magic Show chords

Electric Owls (http://www.purevolume.com/electricowls)
Magic Show

Intro: D A G

D A GI'm a clairvoyant babe listen if you will
D A GI'll tell you the future of this 20 dollar bill
D A GNow watch as it turns into a cup of your finest swill
D A G D A G D A GAnd, whoa where'd it go?
D A GNow to the young lady sitting in the front row
D A GWon't you tell the audience how many years I've known
D A G You and I we loved each other and we were off and on
D A G D A G D A GAnd whoa she was gone
Em D AAnd I will not tell you how I do my tricks
Em D AIt's yours to suspend disbelief and let it be like this
EmIt's mine to take your money
D A D A G D A GAnd in a puff of smoke I'll disappear from here
D A GWe will take a life and we will live it on a stage
D A GWhen the show is over hopefully they will say
D A G For the final act they breathed an endless sigh
D A G And waved good bye
D A GMagic, It's magic, it's a magic show!
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