Electric President - Its An Ugly Life tab

This tab is based on a video I saw of this song available to watch on the Radical 
Face website. Please leave corrections as all comments are welcomed!


C F Ce|-----------------3------------------0---------------|B|-1--------3--/5-----5--3--1------------1---------1--|G|----0----------------------------2---------------0--| x2D|-------2----------------------3---------------2-----|A|-3--------3--------------------------------3--------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
Am G F Ce|-----------------3--0---------------0---------------|B|-1--------3--/5--------3--1------------1---------1--|G|----2----------------------------2---------------0--| x2D|-------2----------------------3---------------2-----|A|-0--------0--------------------------------3--------|E|-----------------3----------------------------------|
Verse *For F play x33210 C Pick apart your pieces F Just to watch what makes you tick C Scream all you want F There's no way out of this Am G You dug yourself a hole, a crater F C Trying to get away from your blood Am G Now it's just peace of mind F You're dreaming of... C I stumbled through the doorway F And I fell out of my skin C On my nightmares from your ceiling F And watched you drink them in Am G I know that you're a bastard now F C I know you'd like to bash out my brains Am G F For all my pretty manners I'd do the same We all need someone to blame BACK TO INTRO | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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