Electric Six - Formula 409 tab

FORMULA 409 By The Electric Six

I couldnt find a decent tab of this song so i decided to make my own

All i have right now is the two different parts, loud and soft

you should know when to play each riff

[SOFT PART]E---------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------|G---------------------------------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------|A-------------7-9-5------555444---------------------------|E----7-7-7------------------------------------------------| PM....
[LOUD PART]E---------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------|G-------------9-11-7------777666--------------------------|D----9-9-9----9-11-7------777666--------------------------|A----9-9-9----7-9--5------555444--------------------------|E----7-7-7------------------------------------------------|(if desired palm mute like you did in the soft part)
there it is. that is all i have for now enjoy TAX [-]
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