Electric Six – Cluster Fuck chords

Clusterfuck Chords 

Verse E, B , D , E      
G, F#, E In the writings of the druids,
Lies a recipe for druid-fluid. Sounds like a most refreshing drink to me! You seem to be accruin', More penalties than a Boston brewin', But your card says "get out of jail for free". You were always such a shoe-in, But you didn't pay attention to what you were doin', And no one here can do it as good as me!
D No one here can do it, (huh!)
D No one here can do it, (huh!)
D No one here can do it
E as good as me!
Chorus E, Bm , D , E G, F#, E Singing "Yeah!
It was a clusterfuck! (was a clusterfuck) Oh yeah, it really fucked us up (it really fucked us up) (i'm not gonna bother with the interludes if someone else wants to go ahead do so) E F
F# Oh why,
B Do bitches cry, When I went
D bye, bye
E bye
F# It ain't no lie,
B That rent is
D too damn,
E too damn high.
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