Electric Six – Jam It In The Hole chords

Jam it in the hole Chords

Verse chords go like Cm#, Cm# Cm#, B listen for timing

Cm# (if thats the name of the chord)Stop!
BWe are good times!
Cm#We're from the '80s and we're here to
Cm#That's when the lion awoke,
And Mr. Mistoffelees
Cm#He said "You still got some time, baby,
There's still time to
ALet's let her majesty dance,
On perpendicular lines,
F#So stop making me stop,
BWe are good times!
BWe are good times!
Cm#And I don't even
Cm#It keeps repeating,
It keeps
Cm#It keeps repeating and I don't
Beven know.
AIf time is taking it slow,
Some time, it'd be so droll,
F#You got to jam it baby,
BGo on and jam it in the hole!
AWonderful pleasure, whatever you use,
BWe are good times in
Ewhatever form you choose.
ALow battery but your lights are on,
BFlesh-fantasy and
Ethe love goes on and on.
The Courtney love part is just the verse, and the rock n roll black hole chant is the as the chorus once again any corrections sorry for any confusing formatting
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