Electric Six – Bite Me tab

                                                 BITE ME - Electric Six
Tabbed by: tunietunes

Tuning: Standard

Chords Used:

Em: (x79987)
Bm: (799777)
D:  (x57775)
G:  (355433)
A:  (577655)
E:  (022100)

The song is normally played with distortion and a bridge riff that is repeated at the end.
But as I'm tabbing this on an acoustic guitar, I'll leave that part out as there is no 
singing going on.
(Also, the chords used for the verse goes well under the heavy riff part)

The lyrics are ... well... let's just say, I tried uploading it with the lyrics and it 
was rejected.
I still think the song is class, so I'll just upload the chords without any lyrics.


Em Bm D G Ae|---7--7-7---7--7-7---7--7-7---7--7-7---5--5-5---5--5-5---3--3-3---5--5-5---|B|---7--8-8---7--8-8---7--7-7---7--7-7---5--7-7---5--7-7---3--3-3---5--5-5---|G|---7--9-9---7--9-9---7--7-7---7--7-7---5--7-7---5--7-7---4--4-4---6--6-6---|D|---7--9-9---7--9-9---7--9-9---7--9-9---5--7-7---5--7-7---5--5-5---7--7-7---|A|---7--7-7---7--7-7---7--9-9---7--9-9---5--5-5---5--5-5---5--5-5---7--7-7---|E|---------------------7--7-7---7--7-7---------------------3--3-3---5--5-5---|
Verse Em - Bm - D - G, A - Em - Bm - D - G,A Chorus Bm - G - E - A - Bm - G - E The order is: Verse x2 Chorus Verse x2 Chorus Verse x2 Chorus x2 Enjoy!
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