Electric Wizard - Master Of Alchemy tab version 2

This black gem is from the 2002 album Let Us Prey. Tune the guitar down 2 steps (C|
F|A#|D#|G|C). Tabbed is the rhythm guitar only.

Tempo= 105

Riff 1:

Q E E Q E E E E E E E E E E C ||------------------------|--------------------------|G ||------------------------|--------------------------|D#||------------------------|--------------------------|A#||------------------------|--------------------------|F ||--7----7--8--6----6--8--|--8--7--7--6--6--7--7--8--|C ||--0---------------------|--------------------------|
Riff 2:
Q E E Q E E E E E E E E Q -------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------------|--------------------------|--7----7--8--7----7--10--|--10--9--9--7--7--6--6----|--0----------------------|--------------------------|
Riff 3 (starts at around 3:33 and continues until the end):
E Q E Q E E E Q E Q E E ------------------------|------------------------||------------------------|------------------------||------------------------|------------------------||------------------------|------------------------||-----3----3--2----2--2--|--2--1----1-------------||--0---------------------|-------------0----0--0--||
Duration Legend --------------- Q - quarter E - 8th
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