Electric Wizard - Venus In Furs tab

Song: Venus in Furs
Band: Electric Wizard
Album: Black Masses
Tabbed by: TrollFaceJesus
E-mail: trollfacejesus@gmail.com

Hey everyone, this is my tab for this song, and I think it sounds pretty decent. 
All of the rhythm sections are in here, but I didn't tab out the solos. Hopefully 
everything in here is accurate, and that you guys find this tab to be helpful! If 
you have any comments, questions, or corrections to point out, please feel free 
to leave a message here, or to send me an email! :D

Tuning: B

Riff 1|---------------------------||---------------------------||------4--------------------| x2|-------------3-------------||--2-2----2-2----2-2--4tr5--||---------------------------|
Riff 2a|-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------| x4|-----------------------------------7h9-9--7h9-9--||--9--9-------5--5-------4--4---------------------||--7--7--0-0--3--3--0-0--2--2--0-0----------------| . . . . . .
Riff 2b|-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------| x4|-------------------------------------------------||--9--9-------5--5-------4--4---------------------||--7--7--0-0--3--3--0-0--2--2--0-0--5h7-7--5h7-7--| . . . . . .
Riff 1 x 2 Riff 2b x 4 Riff 1 x 2 Riff 2a x 3
Riff 2c|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------| x1|---------------------------------------------||--9--9-------5--5-------4--4--------0-0-0-0--||--7--7--0-0--3--3--0-0--2--2--0-0------------| . . . . . .
Riff 3|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||------4---------2---------2-4--2h4-4--2h4-4--| x8|------------0-0------------------------------||--2-2---0---------0---2-2--------------------||---------------------------------------------|
Riff 4|-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-----4-4-3-3-2-2-0--0--0h2-2---------| x4|------------------------------0h2-2--||-2-2---------------------------------||-------------------------------------|
Riff 1 x 2 Riff 2a x 3 Riff 2c x 1 Then play riff 3 until the end of the song, or until your fingers fall off. And that's just about it! ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | v vibrato | + harmonic | Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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