Electric Wizard – Barbarian tab


Song: Barbarian
Band: Electric Wizard
Album: Dopethrone
Transcripted by: Thumper

This is a very good, very slow doom song. Play very slowly! The guitar is tuned to a friggen G, as well, so thats about 6 steps down from normal tuning - if you need a guide to tuning, wholenote.com has one. 

b = bend
If you have trouble bending an open note, just push upwards at the very, very end of your guitar - the 0th fret, if you like. 

Riff 1a x4

Riff 1b x4
Play riff 1 in it's entirety twice Riff 2
This goes on for a while, then the whole thing is repeated. As for strange popping sound effects in the background, i have no idea. ^_^
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