Elevation Worship - Give Me Faith chords version 3

GIVE ME FAITH - Elevation Worship

Intro: [Bm - D - A Bm - D - A - E]

Verse 1:
A E F#mI need you to soften my heart
DTo break me apart
A EI need you to open my eyes
F#m DTo see that You're shaping my life
A/C# - D - EAll I am,
A/C# - D - EI surrender
D A E F#mGive me faith to trust what you say
D A F#m EThat you're good and your love is great
Bm D A E D - EI'm broken inside, I give you my life
Verse 2: I need you to soften my heart To break me apart I need you pierce through the dark And cleanse every part of me [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] Bridge:
D AI may be weak
E F#mBut your Spirit's strong in me
D AMy flesh may fail
F#m EMy God you never will
(repeat) [Chorus] 2x Solo: [D - A - E - F#m D - A - F#m - E] [Bridge] 4x
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