Elevation Worship - Mercy Reigns chords

capo 2

intro: Em, C, G, C

G C Em CMy God is strong enough to raise me from the grave
G C Em CYour love is great enough to take away my shame
G C Em CYour mercy reigns
verse 2:
G C Em CMy God is making new the wreckage of my heart
G C Em CYour hand is reaching down to pull me from the dark
G CYour mercy reigns
Em CYour mercy covers me
G CYour grace sustains
Em CYour grace is all I need
verse 3:
G C Em CYour spirit is my strength to overcome the past
G C Em CI set my eyes on you and find a grace that lasts
chorus bridge:
Am C GI'm forgiven, washed inside a love that never lets go
D CYou never let go
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