Elevation Worship - Give My Life To You chords

Intro: [Am - C/E - F]

AmI can hear you
C/E FYou're calling my name
F G AmThe ocean between us erased
AmAnd salvation
C/E FPours down like rain
F G F - Am - G F - Am - G - FFlooding my walls 'till I break
G Am I give my life to You
G/B CMy heart to You
GYou're all I need
Am FCome and make me new
Verse 2: I abandon The weight of my sin The weight of my loss and my pain Relief swells Like air in my lungs And freedom releases my shame Bridge:
G Am G/B C G Am FJesus Christ, take our lives, we won't waste another day
G Am G/B C G Am FHoly God, fill our hearts, we won't ever be the same
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