Elevation Worship – Give Me Faith chords ver. 9

Elevation Worship
Key of A

INTRO: (GUITAR LICK ALONE THEN BAND)___________________________
Bm D2 A        Bm D2 A E

A E F#m D I need you… to soften my heart… to break me apart
A E F#m DI need you… to open my eyes… to see that You’re shaping my life
PRE CHORUS:____________________________________________________
A/C# D E A/C# D E All I am… I sur - ren - der
D A E F#m Give me faith to trust what you say
D A F#m E That you’re good and your love is great
Bm D A E D - E I'm broken inside, I give you my life
VERSE:___________________________________________________________ PRE CHORUS: (ALL I AM) ___________________________________________ CHORUS:_________________________________________________________ BRIDGE: (2X) ______________________________________________________
D A I may be weak
E F#m Your Spirit’s strong in me
D A F#m E My flesh may fail My God you never will
(DROP OUT 2ND TIME) CHORUS: (2X) (BUILD UP & REPEAT CHORUS WITH FULL BAND 2ND TIME) SOLO:____________________________________________________________ D - A - E - F#m D - A - F#m - E - D BRIDGE: (HOLD OUT THE LAST CHORD & JUST DRUMS PLAYING) _______ BRIDGE: (DRUMS & PIANO)__________________________________________ BRIDGE: (FULL BAND)______________________________________________ BRIDGE: (FULL BAND AGAIN)________________________________________
DBut my God You never will……
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