Elevation Worship – Lift Us Out chords

Left handed
LIft Us Out
Written By: Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Pastor Steven Furtick, Wade Joye, and London Gatch

Bb F EbWe'll fall into You
F BbWe'll hold onto You
Cm Gm EbYou won't let us go
Verse 1:
Gm Eb BbWe cry and you hear us
Gm Eb BbYour hand lifts us out
Gm Eb BbYour love never fails us
FWe're desperate for You Lord
CmDesperate for You Lord
Eb BbYou call us out of the darkness
Gm F EbYou are the lifter of our heads
B FWe look to you, we look to you
Eb BbYou raise us out of the ashes
Gm F EbYou are the God who never fails
B FWe look to you, we look to you
Verse 2: Our fears will not drown us Your hand pulls us out We fall, but you're with us We can't escape your love Can't escape your love God Bless! Wagh_Rules
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