Elevation Worship – I Will Sing chords

I Will Sing

Written By: Wade Joye, Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Paul Mabury

Verse 1:
F BbWhen I wander in my doubt
Dm Bb CI'm held within your mystery
F BbYou reveal a love so faithful
Dm Bb CHope unending I believe
FYou're the risen Son of God
BbYou're the light that breaks the dark
DmYour love has rescued me
Bb CForever I will sing
FYou're the Savior of my soul
BbYou're the name above it all
DmYour grace alive in me
Bb CForever I will sing
Turn: [Bb - F - C] Verse 2: Oh the wonder of the cross The Father's heart revealed to me Unrelenting, never changing All consuming, I am free Bridge:
Bb F CI am not ashamed of the cross that made a way
Bb F CThe only name that saves is Jesus
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