Eleventeen - In The Air tab

                            In the Air
                          by: Eleventeen

        This is only a the beginning parts of the song
             more will come soon    sorry!

Guitar 1e |------13-----------13----13|b |--13----13-----13----13----|g |10--10-------10--10----10--|d |---------------------------| Repeated throughout songa |---------------------------|E |---------------------------|
Guitar 2e|---------------------------------------|b|---------------------------------------|g|11-11-11-11-x-14-14-14--7-7-7-7-x-9-9-9|d|11-11-11-11-x-14-14-14--7-7-7-7-x-9-9-9|a|-9--9--9--9-x-12-12-12--5-5-5-5-x-7-7-7|E|---------------------------------------|
The rest of the song follows just about the same chord pattern just switched up with strumming so figure it out and if you live in the bay area GO SEE THEM
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