Eleventyseven – Galaxies Collide tab

Eleventyseven - Galaxies Collide
Tabbed by: Wessel

It sound the best when you grab the chords like powerchords and pick them this way:

G C E De|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------5----5-------------------7----7--|D|------5----5-------------------2----2----------------|A|------------------3-----3------------------5----5----|E|---3-----3-------------------0-----0-----------------|
G C Em D I have been fading in the dark for too long G C Em D Suspended and waiting for some light to turn on Em C I'm reaching up to make contact G B Take away this empty space Em C G B I'm so tired of just drifting through the Milky Way Em C My heart is a star for You to ignite G I'm ready to be the one D Em That burns for You tonight C So bring me to life G Just like the stars that shine D When galaxies collide G C Em D Love is a destination few ever find G C Em D But I'm watching our constellations start to combine Em C G B Counting down for an impact staring at the sky above Em C G B I've had enough of this distance so far from Your love First song i've tabbed ^^ Enjoy it , this song kicks ass
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