Eli Young Band – Always The Love Songs tab

Artist: Eli Young Band
Title: Always The Love Songs
Tabbed by: Kyle(devildog1688)
Tuning: standard

D A A G E/G-0--0--0----3--|-3--|-3--3--3p2--3--|-3--|-2--2--2----0--|-0--|-0--2--2----0--|-2--|----0--0----2--|-2--|------------3--|-0--|
D Used to pull off highway 249 A G had a cool little place where we'd go hide on a friday night G and get away from the city lights D we'd find a little wood and build a fire A somebody'd always bring a couple guitars G G and we'd take turns, singin' songs and watchin it burn E/G G we'd do "rambblin man", "proud mary" and "american band" E/G G(let ring) we'd be singin' at the top of our lungs Chorus D It was always the love songs every time A that made everybody feel something inside G G and with the fire down low, held your girl real close D made you wanna love the one you were with A gave you the courage for that first kiss G E/G it was the love songs, always the love songs there was always a line stuck in your head that was said in way you wished you could've said but you both knew they were singin' it right to you it felt so good those times you had that feelin' of wanting somebody so bad made you weak in the heart you couldnt take bein' apart honky tonk drinkin songs we could do 'em all night long but the ones i remember most repeat chorus we'd be singin at the top of our lungs repeat chorus **updated** sept 16th. lyrics are out of the cd case so they're 100% and the music is 99%. any suggestions off the new cd, email or comment me. ill tryyy to put the whole album but no promises. later guys
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