Eli Young Band - Even If It Breaks Your Heart chords version 1


(Am) Way (G/B) back on the (C) radio dial
The (F) fire got (C) lit inside a (G) bright-eyed child
(Am) Every (G/B) note just (C) wrapped around his soul
From (F) steel guitars to (C) Memphis, all the (G) way to rock and roll

(F-C) Ohhh, (Am) I can hear 'em (G) playin'
(F) I can hear the (C) ringin' of a (Am) beat up ol' (G) guitar
(F-C) Ohhh, (Am) I can hear 'em (G) singin'
(F) Keep on (C) dreamin' even (G) if it breaks (C) your heart


(Am) Downtown (G/B) is (C) where I used to wander
(F) Old enough to (C) get there but too (G) young to get inside
(Am) I (G/B) would (C) stand out on the sidewalk
(F) Listen to the (C) music playin' (G) every Friday night


(Am-G-C-F) (Am-G-C) (Am-G-C-F) (Am-G-F)

(Am) Some (G/B) dreams (C) stay with you forever
(F) Drag you (C) around but bring you (G) back to where you were
(Am) Some (G/B) dreams (C) keep on gettin' better
(F) Gotta keep (C) believin' if you (G) wanna know for sure

Chorus x2
(Am-G-C-F-C-G) x 3
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