Eli Young Band - Highways And Broken Hearts tab

G                                   Cadd9
He never knew their names and never really cared
         Em                           D
Lying to himself, he was never just a young kid scared
G                                Cadd9
Living on his own with no one to hold on to
Em                D
Nowhere to go and nothing to do
But lie awake and pray that one day
Someone will come his way

All he knows are  
Highways and broken hearts
Em               Cadd9
Late nights and old guitars
G          D
Wondering where you are
       Em  D   Cadd9
You're so far away

His shoes are worn and tired and not at their best
Like a gypsy never sure where he'll be going next
Superficial friends, and girls with glazed over eyes
It's a good time, but just for the night
Then off he'll go to maybe Mexico
Then off to Colorado


Staring through the walls of that motel room
Reflecting on his days, the route that he's seemed to choose
Will good outshine the bad, can he turn this thing around
Should he drop to his knees, just give up now
Begging for release in the night
Has he gone too far to fight?


       Em  D   Cadd9
You're so far away
       Em  D   Cadd9
You're so far away

corrections: josh.schulteis@verizon.net
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