Eli Young Band - Small Town Kid tab version 1

G    G/F#        Em                C         G        G/F#     C
Everyday someone asks me whatís my story and what do I like to do  
G   G/F#              Em                C     G             G/F#           C
And everyday, for the most part, I only go so far; I almost never tell the truth  
           G          G/F#            Em           C               G       G/F#      C
ĎCause the truth is behind me thereís not much, to give up, I like simple, not complicated  
               G                      G/F#                   Em                 C
(ĎCause) Iím a small town kid, driven by rock music And some honky-tonk, in the mix  
       G                  G/F#                         Em             C
I like whiskey in coke, a double to the top, a shot of cuervo now and then  
        G                         G/F#              Em                        C               G
I never ask for a lot, Iíll never need much, just a good-looking lady who can drive my truck  
G        G/F#      C              D          G    G/F#  Em  C  G  G/F#  C  G
Iím not afraid to admit, Iím that small town kid  
City lights, yellow cabs, Yankee hats, Suits and ties everywhere  
These City folks, they look at me in my shirt and jeans, they make me think I donít fit in here  
Well the things they say might be right, they might be so but one thing I know: I canít change who I am  

D                    C  
Mama donít you worry
D                    C
They won't change me  
D                  C
A hundred thousand miles 
Mean nothing to me  


corrections: josh.schulteis@verizon.net
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