Eliot Morris - The Moment You Believe tab

Artist - Eliot Morris
Song - The Moment You Believe
Album - What's Mine Is Yours
Tabbed by - Jevon MacDonald

Probably my favorite Eliot Morris song, its hard to find his tabs so I thought I'd throw this one on here:

Standard Tuning


Am Asus2 Am G Em F - x2


Am Asus2 Am     G                  Em               F
Step inside the sound of something there for you to find, 
Am Asus2 Am       G             Em  F
Leave your bag of worrys far behind you,
Am Asus2 Am  G               Em                F 
Turning all around you can't contain yourself inside,
Am Asus2 Am              G               Em    F                
So you move outside the lines that once define you, yeah


Am Asus2 Am G Em F - x1

(Verse 2)

Symphonys and shadows steal the silence from your head,
Like a ship thats taken by the sea,
Written words are seldom heard as often as they're said,
So the only way to have your say is screaming,


C                    G
Why the stars in the night 
The sound got your sight,
                F                  C
Don't fight the way you feel inside,
It's more than you need,
You're safe here with me,
All starts the moment you believe

*Fill x2

(Verse 3)

Wrapping around you feel their fingers movin through your soul,
Holding tight to everything they see,
So you take your breath and do your best to regain your control,
When you find out it's from you, you must be free..


*Fill x4

On final Fill play - Am Asus2 Am G F (No Em)


Repeat Chorus Chords for la la la la Outro

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