Elishas Request - Mongolia tab

Mongolia By  Elishas Request
tabbed by Dasell

Standard tuning

Intro: and Verse

Verse:1 Dm solo Mighty horses thundering Dm solo The sound of warriors comming C2 solo Across the gobia dessert C2 solo The great Gods armys conquering Dm solo From the western mountain Dm solo To the eastern sea C2 solo Striking fear in all the people C2 solo Nowhere left to flee Pre Chorus: A# From this mighty anciant empire C2 Great constant messangers Dm A# Searching for truth far away Chorus:1 F C2 Mongolia Dm Gm Mongolia F C2 Whats your destiny Intro Mongolia Verse:2 Dm solo The years of stolen honor Dm solo With a centuries fading C2 solo Spirit crushed and broken C2 solo My enemies opression Dm solo Like a lost and forgotten daughter Dm solo Desperetly awaiting C2 solo The tender voice of her father C2 solo Searching with compassion Pre Chorus:2 A# Mongolia can you hear Him calling you C2 Reaching out His hand Dm A# He's not far away Chorus:2 F C2 Mongolia Dm Gm Mongolia F C2 Praise the truth Dm Gm Drink the light F C2 Rise up be healed Dm Gm And ride F C2 once again To the nations Dm Gm With a sword of truth in your hand F C2 Mighty wave of the love of Jesus Dm Gm From the mountains to the sea F C2 Mongolia Dm Gm Find your destiney A# F C Mongolia Dm A# F C Folow your heart Dm A# F C Dm The truth has come to you
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