Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes chords version 4

Skinny Genes   Eliza Doolittle

Capo 2

Intro    Em  D  2x

Verse 1

D EmI really don't like your point of view
Em DI know you'll never change
D EmStinging me with your attitude
Em DI've the mind to walk away
Verse 2 I really don't like your arrogance Or your policies You're Ninety-nine percent an embarrassment With just one quality Chorus
EmI don't mind it when you (Whistles)
DBring out the best in me when, when you (whistles)
Show your expertise
Em When the night always ends with a fight
D AI'm excited that you wind up next to me
I like it when you (whistles) Can I have some please of that (whistles) To satisfy my needs Sometimes I fake that I hate you and make up So you wind up next to me Verse 3 I really don't like your skinny jeans So take them off for me Show me what you've got underneath So we can do this properly I really don't like the way you smile When you think you're right But I will forgive you, the yolk is in the middle And I'm chewing through the white Chorus Bridge
D Em7dreamt that you were on a train
Dyou were leaving, you were leaving
Em7You made me think of what I'd miss
DYou were leavin', you were leavin'
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