Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes chords version 5

This is what I got from this video:

G CI really dont like your point of view
C GI know youll never change
G CStingin' me with your attitude
C GI've got the mind to walk away
G CI really don't like your arrogance
C GOr your policies
G CYou're ninety-nine percent an embarrassment
C Gwith just one quality
CI don't mind it when you [whistles]
C GBrings out the best in me when you [whistles]
GShow your expertise
C CWhen the night always ends with a fight
Em DI'm excited that you wind up next to me
CI like it when you [whistles]
C GCan I have some please of that [whistles]
GTo Satisfy my needs
C CSometimes I fake that I hate you and make up
Em DSo you wind up next to me
G CI really don't like your skinny jeans
C GSo take them off for me
G CShow me what you've got underneath
C GSo we can do this properly
G CI really don't like the way you smile
C GWhen you think you're right
G CBut I will forgive you, the yoke is in the middle
C GAnd i'm chewing through the white
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