Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train chords

           Freight Train                                                        (Elizabeth Cotton)
C G7- Freight train, freight train, going so fast,
- G7 C- Freight train, freight train, going so fast.
- E7 F- Please dont tell what train Im on
- C G C- So they wont know where Ive gone.
C G7Freight train, freight train, coming round the bend,
G7 CFreight train, freight train, gone again,
E7 FOne of these days, turn that train around
C G CAnd go back to - - - o, my hometown.
C G7One more place I'd like to be,
G7 COne more place I'd love to see,
E7 FTo watch them Ol Blue Ridge Mountains climb
C G CWhen I ride Ol Number nine.
C G7When I die Lord, bury me deep
G7 CDown at the end of Chestnut Street
E7 FWhere I can hear Ol Number nine
C G CAs she comes on down the line.
(Chorus) jrbmusic
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