Ella Fitzgerald – Sophisticated Lady tab

Sophisticated lady – Ella Fitzgerald

Cdim Em7     G7+     C7    B7 Bb7  A7          D7+
They say - into your ear - ly life ro - mance came,
              D7  C#7  C7    B7       E7 
And in this heart of yours burned a flame,
              A6            A   	D7+   	   Cdim    
A flame that flick-ered one day - and died      a - way.

Em                    C7    B7  Bb7  A7        D7+
Then, with dis - il - lu - sion deep in your eyes,
                  D7  Ddim C7   B7        E7
You learned that fools in love soon grow wise.
                 A6                 A             D       F#m  G#  
The years have changed you some - how.  I see you now...

C#             Bbm
Smo - king and drink - ing, 
F#        G#7                C#        Ddim      F#           F#m / G#7
Nev - er think - ing of to - mor - row,          non - chal - ant,

C#             Bbm
Dia - monds shi - ning, 
F#          G#7                  C#/Ddim/F#m
Danc - ing, di - ning with some man in a res - tau - rant.
   A7            Cdim
Is that all you real - ly want?

Em                   C7   B7  Bb7  A7        
No, Soph - is - ti - ca - ted La - dy,
   D7+                   D7  Ddim C7   B7      E7
I know     you miss the love you lost long a - go,
              A6          A7        D
And when no - bod - y is high, you cry,
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