Ella Fitzgerald - Love Is Here To Stay chords

by Gershwen

It's pretty straight forward I hope. 

Bb7 F9It’s very clear
F-7 Bb7 Eb F-7our love is here to stay.
Bb7 F7Not for a year,
F-7 Bb7 Db9 C9 F7but ever and a day.
Bb7 C7 F-7The radio and the telephone
Bb7 Ebmaj7 Ab F-6And the movies that we know
G7 Cm F7 F-7 Bb7May just be passing fancies and in time may go.
F9But, oh my dear,
F-7 Bb7 Eb F-7Our love is here to stay.
Bb7 F7Together were
F-7 Bb7 Db9 C9 F7going a long, long way.
Bb7 C7In time the rockies may crumble,
F-7 Bb7 Db9Gibraltar may tumble,
C7 Abthey’re only made of clay.
1. 2.
Cdim Eb F-7 Bb9 [Eb6 Bb7] [Eb7]But our love is here to stay.
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