Elliot Murphy – Ground Zero chords

Left handed
G  D   Dsus-D-Dsus   
C   D   Dsus-D-Dsus

GHave you seen my Father
DHave you seen my Brother
AmHave you seen my Girlfriend
CHave you seen my Mother
GHave you seen my Sister
DHave you seen my Partner
AmHave you seen my Neighbor
CHave you seen my Lover
G D Dsus-D-DsusI saw it all - I was watching my TV
C D Dsus-D-DsusI could not breathe - I could not imagine
G D Dsus-D-DsusI thought it was a movie - I thought it was a nightmare
C D Dsus-D-DsusI ran for cover - I was so angry
G D Dsus-D-DsusI wanted revenge - But that was hollow
C D Dsus-D-DsusI wanted peace - And a safe tomorrow
GHave you seen my Husband
DHave you seen my Cousin
AmHave you seen my Friend
CHave you seen my Family
GHave you seen my City
DHave you seen my Country
AmHave you seen my World
CHave you seen my World
G D Dsus-D-DsusLes tours s'effondrent - Et le rêve se brise
C D Dsus-D-DsusLes blessures profondes - Jamais ne cicatrisent
G D Dsus-D-DsusJ'ai mal au coeur - Les ideaux en ruine
C D Dsus-D-DsusJ'ai mal au coeur - Religions assassines
G DJ'ai senti la peur - Senti la colère
Am CJ'ai senti l'horreur - Senti la guerre
G DJ'ai senti la violence - Senti la haine
Am CSenti la souffrance - J'ai senti la peine
G D Dsus-D-DsusAnd from the darkness comes the light
C D Dsus-D-DsusThis I promise - This I promise
G D Dsus-D-DsusSo when your tears fall in the middle of the night
CAnd you see no reason
D Dsus-D-DsusNo answers in sight
G D Dsus-D-DsusWe will remember - We will remember
C D Dsus-D-Dsus CGround Zero - Ground Zero
Am EmHave you seen the heroes - They look like fireman
DThey look like policeman - Looking like the mayor
GHave you seen my Father - J'ai senti la peur
DHave you seen my Brother - Senti la colère
AmHave you seen my Girlfriend - J'ai senti l'horreur
CHave you seen my Mother - Senti la guerre
Have you seen my Sister - Senti la violence Have you seen my Partner - Senti la haine Have you seen my Neighbor - Senti la souffrance Have you seen my Lover - J'ai senti la peine Have you seen my City - Have you seen my country Have you seen my World - Have you seen my world
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