Elliott Brood – Lindsay chords

Left handed
Capo 2

C GCan I sleep for a while
C G D18 wheelers shake the wall
C G and the mortars coming out
C G Dthe city says they'll tear it down
C GWe grew up right here
C G Ddoorframes marked with heights and years
G our lives in crooked frames
Em Dkitchen table coffee stain
C Ggo to sleep with a smile
C G Dcurled up winters fire side
C Gflashlights on frozen pipes
Em Dand winter nights still froze in time
G Dohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh
GThis old house
C G Dpacked up now and emptied out
C Gkeepin things we spoke about
C Gleft the crystal
Em C DI'll sort the rest of it out
G Dohhhhhhh ohhhh
G Dohhhhhhh ohhhh
Em G Dohhhhhhh ohhhh
Tabbed by Adam Rytwinski Questions/Comments/Corrections arytwins@lakeheadu.ca
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