Elliott Smith - Pretty Mary K chords version 1

Pretty Mary K (other version) by Elliott Smith
Was released on "New Moon"

In my opinion, it sounds much better w/ fingerpicking than just strumming.

Bm A G DPretty Mary K walks along the dock
Bm A G Dwith some sailor's pay shoved down in her sock.
D F#m C G DPretty Mary K, with some little boy in blue
D G Bm A DWho can't stay away from you.
Bm A G DPretty Mary K took him back to town.
Bm A GI'm down here by the bay,
Dwhere the water pounds.
D F#m C G DUp against the wall, crying black and blue
D G Bm A DKeeps me away from you.
Bm Bb DPretty words that you whisper, (riff)
Bm Bb DMaybe I misunderstood.
Bm Bb D C
GSomebody's not paying attention when they promised and their word
GmIsn't good.
Bm A G DOh, Mary K, I can see your face.
Bm A G DDown there in the waves, painted and erased.
D F#mBut I know it's just
C G Da reflection of the moon,
D G Bm A DA big fake resembling you.
(riff) (riff) Bm Bb D Bm Bb
DGonna go down in the water, fill my mouth up full of sand.
Bm Bb D C GI'll be waiting still impatient with my dead imagination
G Gmwhile you're with some other man.
Bm A G DPretty Mary K, off in somebody's room.
Bm AI'm down here by the bay
G Dwith my arm around the moon.
D F#mBut I'll be with you soon,
C Gjust as soon as I've paid.
D G F#m A DI walk across the water with Pretty Mary K.
D G Bm A DWalk on the water with Pretty Mary K.
(Thanks for this song, Elliott.)
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