Elliott Smith – Pretty Ugly Before chords

I felt this song deserved a better tab, and though I'm not sure if this is the way 
Elliott played it, it sounds pretty close to my ears.

Standard tuning.

C/G: 332010
D7/F#: 200212 (Reach your thumb to fret the F# on the low E if you're comfortable with it, if not, D7 sounds fine.
G: 320033 E7: 020100 F: 133211 Am: 002210
Riff thing based around a G shape: e|--------------------3--- B|--------------------3--- G|----------------0---0--- D|----------0-2-0-----0--- A|----0-2-0-----------2--- E|--3---------------0-3---
Verse 1:
C/G D7/F# GSunshine been keeping me up for days
C/G D7/F# GThere is no nighttime, it's only a passing phase
C/G D7/F# G E7And I feel pretty, pretty enough for yo-------u
C/G D7/F#I felt so ugly before
F (There is a piano part here) AmI didn't know what to do
Verse 2: (Exactly the same as verse 1, just keep repeating the C/G, D7/F#, F, Am part) Sometimes is all I feel up to now But it's not worth it to you, 'cos you gotta get high somehow Is it destruction that you're required to feel? Like somebody wants you, someone that's more for real? Sunshine been keeping me up for days There is no nighttime, only a passing phase And I'll feel pretty another hour or two I felt so ugly before I didn't know what to do I felt so ugly before I didn't know what to do I felt so ugly before I didn't know what to do Ugly before
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