Elliott Smith - Go By tab

			     Go By - Elliott Smith
Tabbed by: ciaran rooney

Tuning: DGCFAD

From "New Moon", disk one. It's played in D tuning (DGCFAd)

The intro is based around E major, you play the bottom string parts with your baby finger

Here's the chords: E G .. Go on parade and fade (F#m) C Hit the ceiling slow G Em Spending all your time with some girl C You'll never get to know G (F#m) c Wound up tight G Em Dressed all in white D A Some torment saint C Blowing out to drift A C D ... Leave you even if G Em You live up in your head (F#m) C Scared of every little noise G Em Someone's always breaking in accidentally C Using nothing but their voice G C Shrill and small G Em Echo down the hall D A Repeating pet names C Seeing it in your eyes A C ... You're only passing by Chorus: C#dim D D# Em . . . . . . . Go by C#dim D5 (slide to) E5 C ... Go by E G Someone's in the way (F#m) C Pretty words and inside slurs G All the things they have to say Em C To perform the work that they've rehearsed G C It's a waste of time G Em I put it behind me D A Once and for all C And let the hype decline A C .. If the problem wasn't mine Repeat chorus, finish on C Here's some of the lead guitar parts which play over the verse.
.. Spending all your time .... Wound up tight .. Dressed all in whited|-10--8---7--8---7---------------10----8-----7------10----7--8---7--------|A|-12--10--8--10--8---------------12----10----8------12----8--10--8--------|F|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
.. Some torment ....d|------10-------------------------5-----5----5----------------------------|A|---8-----10-8-10-8--8--5-------5---5-5---55------------------------------|F|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
You'll need to listen to the song to figure out how these lead parts fit in with the chords as they're quite tricky Corrections welcome!
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