Elliott Smith – Shooting Star chords


C C#o Dm Eme|----------------------0---0---0---------------------------------------|B|-----1---1---1-------------------------3---3----1-----0---0---0-------|G|-----0---0---0--------0---0---0------2-2---2--------0-0---0---0-------|D|---2-2---2---2------2-2---2---2----0-----0---0--1-2-----2---2---2-----|A|-3-----3---3---3--4-----4---4---4---------------------------------0-2-|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
You make the scene... Going upstream... etc Verse 1:
C C#o Dm EmYou make the scene like you always do
C C#o Dm EmGoing upstream, down the avenue
C C#o Dm EmTo fuck some trophy boy that you'll win tonight at the bar
C Em/B AmSo bad, so far
Fmaj7 CYou make me sad shooting star
Verse 2: When it was me I was momentarily proud Full of dreams now I'm glad I didn't say out loud Hoping you'd be for real when I don't believe that you are So bad, so far Middle 8:
Dm G C /B AmI'm distant and cold and a sight to behold
Am G FEverybody Sighs
Dm G C /B AmNo one gets on with you very long
Am G D/F# FCos you don't feel bad when you lie
Verse 3: I'm going to sleep now which I would guess would be step one Step two is where I can deal with the things you've done It won't be soon but at least it'll be hard So bad, so far You make me sad, shooting star
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