Elliott Smith - Half Right chords version 1

This is another great Elliott Smith song from Heatmiser's 
final album, Mic City Sons. There's also a pretty good version 
on the New Moon album from '07.


You want to start out the song picking the G and B strings, B first, playing an Em7.
Listen to the recording and this should be pretty easy to 
figure out. On the 11th beat, start picking the D string, too. Again, 
listen to the song and this will be easy to figure out. 
Go for 5 more beats and 
then switch to A and add in the A string. Again, use either version 
(the acoustic Smith one or the Heatmiser one) for reference here. 
Then finally hit C and keep doing the same thing. 

When I'm about to go into the first verse, I always briefly hold down 
the third fret of the high E to get that sound you hear Elliott playing 
at the same point in the Heatmiser version. I have no idea what 
he actually does in the song, but any little lick you can think of 
should sound good. 

After this, you repeat it again. If you're playing 
with a full band, (drums, bass, etc.) this is where everything 
else except vocals should come in as evident in the recording. 
When I play the song alone I skip the repeat and play G, A, 
and C instead. 

Now, the chords:

G Em7You shouldn't talk to your yourself
AWell, I pictured somebody else
CSomeone that looks like
CWhat I look like
G Em7Would you say that one of your dreams
AGot in you and ripped out the seams?
CThats what I'd say
CThats what I'd say
G Em7He was a sucker for your double-dose
AMotherfucker turned white as a ghost
CDon't you say hi
CDon't you say hi
G Em7With a broken sink for a face
AAnd a head that just takes up space
CHe's not half right
CHe's not half right
Dsus2 EmIt's already half past
A7sus4 Cadd9And it won't last
G Em7I was sticking up for my friend
AWhen there's nothing much to defend
CIt's a lost fight
CIt's a lost fight
G Em7'Cause when I talk to you on the phone
AWell, it's just like being alone
CIt's not half right
CIt's not half right
(Repeat the intro to end.) ---- This is the simplest version of this song possible. If you want a way more detailed overview, follow this link: http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/1032/halfrighttab.jpg The version in the link was tabbed by this kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k96BZMh9-E&feature=related
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