Elliott Smith – Say Yes chords ver. 2

Tabbed by:Ian
Email: 13ihunter@gmail.com

Tuning: EADGBe

*Please Read* 
Most of the tabs on here have this tuned a whole step down, so this is my attempt
at making a tab for it in standard tuning. I might have the names wrong on some 
chords, so just go by the diagrams

F Fmaj7 Dm Ce|-----1----| e|-----1----| e|-----1----| e|-----0----|B|-----1----| B|-----1----| B|-----3----| B|-----1----|G|-----2----| G|-----2----| G|-----2----| G|-----0----|D|-----3----| D|-----2----| D|-----0----| D|-----2----|A|----------| A|----------| A|-----0----| A|-----3----|E|----------| E|----------| E|----------| E|----------|
Bb Am G F auge|-----1----| e|-----0----| e|-----3----| e|-----1----|B|-----3----| B|-----1----| B|-----0----| B|-----2----|G|-----3----| G|-----2----| G|-----0----| G|-----2----|D|-----3----| D|-----2----| D|-----0----| D|-----3----|A|-----1----| A|-----0----| A|-----2----| A|----------|E|-----1----| E|-----0----| E|-----3----| E|----------|
D#5 Gm Bbme|----------| e|-----3----| e|-----1----| B|-----4----| B|-----3----| B|-----2----|G|-----3----| G|-----3----| G|-----3----|D|-----1----| D|-----5----| D|-----3----|A|----------| A|-----5----| A|-----1----|E|----------| E|-----3----| E|-----1----|
F Fmaj7 Dm I'm in love with the world
C Bbthrough the eyes of a girl
Am GWho's still around the morning after
F Fmaj7 Dm We broke up a month ago,
C Bband I grew up - but didn't know
Am GI'd be around the morning after
F Fmaj7 Dm It's always been wait and see
C Bb A happy day and then you pay
Am Gand feel like shit the morning after
F Fmaj7 Dm But now I feel changed around
C Bband instead of falling down
Am GI'm standing up the morning after
Bb C Dm Situations get fucked up
F G Bband turned around sooner or later
F Fmaj7 Dm I could be another fool
C Bb or an exception to the rule
Am GYou tell me the morning after
F F aug Dm Crooked spin can't come to rest
D#5 DmI'm damaged bad at best
F BbShe'll decide what she wants
F Faug Dm I'll probably be the last to know
D#5 DmNo-one says until it shows
F Gmand you see how it is
F D#5 Dm BbmThey want you or they don't
FSay yes
F Fmaj7 Dm I'm in love with the world
C Bbthrough the eyes of a girl
Am GWho's still around the morning after
please please please point out any errors and help me polish this,i'm sure there are mistakes. leave a comment or send me an e-mail. Thanks!
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