Elliott Smith - Oh Well Okay tab


Tabbed by Dabarro (dbasiuk@yahoo.es)

Well, okay, since there isn't a decent tab/chords transcription of this song I decided to
do this one. It is strongly based on the guitar pro file from the site, but this one is in
standard tunning. There are a few bizarre chords in this tab, partly because Elliott played
this with his guitar tuned one step down (keep in mind that I transpose everything so you
can play along the record without detunning). Most of the strange chords are normal chords
with a bass note below. The solo is pretty simple, great for slide beginners.
Have fun playing this, i certainly do.


Bb            Bb/A
   Here's the silhouette
    Gm                 Bb      Bb/A
the face always turned away
Gm              Gm/E          Gm/Eb        (This part can be tricky, check the end for
   the bleeding color gone to black
             Bb   Bb/A
dying like a day
G                   Cm              Cm/Bb Ab
   couldn't figure out what made you so unhappy
           Eb          Db    Cm
shook your head to say no no no
    Cm/Bb         Ab
and stopped for a spell
    Cm          F
and stayed that way
   G     Fm
oh well, okay

Bb       Bb/A             Gm              Bb      Bb/A
   i got pictures, i just don't see it anymore
Gm          Gm/E      Gm/Eb                Bb     Bb/A
   climbing hour upon hour through a total bore
G                 Cm           Cm/Bb  Ab
   with the one i keep where it never fades
       Eb          Db          Cm
in the safety of a pitch black mind
   Cm/Bb   Ab        Cm         F
an airless cell that blocks the day
   G     Fm
oh well, okay

SOLO (with slide, chords above tab) NOTE: The last Fm over 'okay' is the first chord in

| Fm Fm7 | Bb7 | Db | AbAb/G |e|-------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------|B|-------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------|G|------------5--5--5------|--/10---8---------------|--------------------------|-------------------|D|-------------------------|------------/10---8-----|--6-----------6s8---6s8---|--10---------------|A|-------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------|E|-------------------------|------------------------|--------------------------|-------------------|
| F F7 | Dm | Db | Ab |
F Bbm Bbm/Ab F# if you a get a feeling next time you see me Db B Bbm do me a favor and let me know Bbm/Ab F# 'cos it's hard to tell Bbm Eb it's hard to say F Ebm oh well, okay F Ebm oh well, okay F Ebm oh well, okay NOTE: In the Gm part I play the chords this way: EADGBe EADGBe Gm 3x033x or 3x0333 (Using your pinky to barre the 333) Gm/E 3x233x 3x2333 Gm/Eb 3x133x 3x1333 (I hope that makes some sense...)
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