Elliott Smith - Bottle Up And Explode tab

Bottle up and explode! - From the Album "XO
"Elliott Smith

Original Tab by Chris Walker

Chords used:

C#m:  x46654

A:    x02220

E:    022100

G#:   466544

F#:   244322


B:    x24442

B/C:  x3434x

B5:   x24xxx

B5/C: x34xxx

C#5:  x46xxx

E5:   x79xxx

F#5:  244xxx

Intro (and chorus):

   B                 Cdim              C#m       B/D#  E       Bbdim

   V     V     V V   V     V     V V

A E F#
Verse 1: C#m A E Bottle up and explode over and over G# A Keep the troublemaker below F# A Esus4 Put it away and check out for the day C#m A E And in for a round of overexposure G# A F# The thing mother nature provides to get up and go B B/C C#m Bottle up and explode seeing stars E A Surrounding you E F# Red white and blue Verse 2: C#m A E You look at him like you've never known him G# A But I know for a fact that you have F# The last time you cried A Esus4 Who'd you think was inside? C#m A E Thinking that you were about to come over G# A But i'm tired now waiting for you F# You never show B B/C C#m Bottle up and go if you're gonna hide E A It's up to you E F# I'm coming through SOLO (played twice):
B B/C C#m Bottle up and go i can make it outside E A E F# I'll get through becoming you A E F# Becoming you A E F# Becoming you
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