Elliott Smith – Dancing On The Highway tab

Elliott Smith
Dancing On The Highway
Confusion: Live Unreleased Songs (Improved)
Live London 3-3-00
Tabbed by: consisting@gmail.com

I put two asterisks after the chord name, to mark the barred
chords. Or you dont have to play any barred chords, and just
play the normal versions. I think its really up to personal 
preference with this song, but you can definately hear him
slide up to that barred Am.


C/G  : (332010)
C    : (x32013)
Amaj7: (x02213)
G    : (320033)
Bm   : (x24432)
Bbm  : (x13321)
Am** : (577555)
G**  : (355433)

C/G              C
here if you want me
Am**          G               Bm Bbm
listening so close from far away
     C/G                 C
memorizing what you told me
Am**          G          Bm Bbm
like a foreigner on holiday
   C/G           C
smiling at confusion
Am**            G              Bm Bbm  
talking to the speaker that i see
C/G             C
dancing on the highway
Am**                 G                  Bm Bbm
the broken line that leads from you to me

C/G                C           Amaj7
well i'll be at my station all night
           G                Bm Bbm
so come on by, if you feel like

C/G                    C
still here if you want me
Am**                G                Bm Bbm
look at what i can do with empty time
C/G                       C
lost love and words that haunt me
Am**           G                   Bm Bbm
isnt this flat wrong, to sound sublime
C/G                C
one strike in the mural
Am**           G                     Bm Bbm
planting it to place like someones kiss
C/G                 C
a dead calm on the tranquil
Am**                G                       Bm Bbm
sea between you and me, well thats all that is

C/G                     C        Amaj7
but im here if you want me     my love
      G            Bm Bbm
dancing on the highway

[Break into the solo!, its mostly just a powerful
[downstroke, and using your ring/middle fingers to
[kinda pluck/strum the B and G strings of various
[degrees and volumes. You kinda have to screw around
[and listen to the song, but here are the notes with 
[the hammer-on he does. ! = make this string sound
[in the strumming! Listen to the song for the rhythm.

C/G C Am** G** Bm** Bbm**e|-0------------3*-----5------3------2*---1*---|-----|B|-1*--1-h3-3-1-1*-----5*-----3*-----3*---2*---|-----|G|-0*-----------0------6*-----4*-----4*---3*---|four-|D|-2------------2------7------5------4----3----|times|A|-3------------3------7------5------2----1----|-----|E|-3-------------------5------3----------------|-----|
C/G C Amaj7 your sun still in my sky G Bm** Bbm** C/G oh why, oh why ===================================================== [OR... ===================================================== C/G C Am** your sun still in my sky G** Bm** Bbm** C/G oh why, oh why
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