Elmariachino – Another Waltz chords


C When I look in your eyes
F GOhhhhhhhhhhhh
G7 CMy heart beats so fast and tears come to my eyes
C I put on my disguise
F GOhhhhhhhhhhhh
G7 CAnd let my soul rises up high in the skies
F G C Why can’t you see what you're doing to me
G C Or do you pretend that you never see
F G C I want you; you know and this is my plea
F C G Am I’m knocking on your door but you’re hiding the key
Riff When I’m lonely at night Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I wish you were sleeping so tight by my side My nights turn to white Ohhhhhhhhhhhh And you stay on your cloud and you hide in your pride Chorus Riff I am singing this song Ohhhhhhhhhhhh And hope I won’t think that what I did was wrong I've waited so long Ohhhhhhhhhhhh And hope you would take me to where I belong Chorus Riff
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