Elton John – Tiny Dancer tab

this is essentially the same as the others, except with a capo on the 3rd fret, which i 
sounds a lot better.  i only put it as intermediate because of the bar chords.


A         D     A     D     A               
   D    D    E
Blue jean baby,  L.A. lady,  seamstress for the band
A      D     A      D      A                
    D      A
Pretty eyed, pirate smile,  you'll marry a music man
D     C#m7  F#m7          Bm       D        
        A    E7
Ballerina,  you must have seen her,   dancing in the sand
A         F     A        F       A          
Now she's in me,  always with me,  tiny dancer in my hand
D    C#m  Bm  A  F#m7

A         D   A             D     A         
               D    D    E
Jesus freaks,  out in the street,  handing out tickets for God
A       D     A         D       A           
              D    D      E
Turning back,  she just laughs,  the boulevard is not that bad
D     C#m7 F#m7            Bm     D         
  A          E7
Piano man,  he makes his stand,  in the auditorium
A       D   A              D      A         
Looking on,  she sings the songs,  the words she knows, the tune she hums
D    C#m  Bm  A  F#m7


F               G (bar sounds better)
  But oh how it feels so real
Em               Am
Lying here, with no one near
F                          G  (bar)
Where only you, and you can hear me
When I say, "Softly..."


D         A    Bm
"Hold me closer Tiny Dancer"

D          A                Bm
"Count the headlights on the highway"

D        A               Bm
"Lay me down in sheets of linen"

D           A      Bm
"You had a busy day today"
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