Elton John – Sacrifice chords

...:::Capo 1:::...

The ways to play Em7 and Dm7 are at the end.

Intro: (C Em7 F) x2

CIt's a human sign
F Dm7When things go wrong
G CWhen the scent of her lingers
F Dm7And temptations strong
G AmInto the boundry
F GOf each married man
G AmSweet deceit comes calling
F GAnd negativity lands
G CCold cold heart
F Dm7Hard done by you
G CSome things look better baby
F GJust passing through
G CAnd it's no sacrifice
C FJust a simple word
F GIt's two hearts living
G CIn two separate worlds
C CBut it's no sacrifice
Dm7No sacrifice
Em F C Em7 CIt's no sacrifice at all
Intro Mutual misunderstanding After the fact Sensitivity builds a prison In the final act We lose direction No stone unturned No tears to damn you When jealousy burns Cold cold heart... And it's no sacrifice... Em7: E ------- 0 B ------- 0 G ------- 0 D ------- 0 A -2----- E ------- 0 Dm7: E 1------ B 1------ G -2----- D ------- 0 A ------- x E ------- x
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