Elton John – Sails chords

D/C    D6    Em

Em7I viewed in my presence
AMy hand on my forehead
Em7And sighting the liners
Bm AmOf mad merchant seamen
Em7In search of the living
D Am7Or the spices of China
Lucy walked gently Between the damp barrels And shut out my eyes With the width of her fingers Said she'd guessed the number Of bales in the back room
Em7While the seagulls were screaming
A/C# Bm CLucy was eating
Em7Then we hauled up our colours
A/C# Bm CThe way the mother had told us
Am Bm EmAnd together we just watched the sails
Lucy I said In a passage of cotton kegs Can we hold hands I'm sure that it's warmer Then the gulls ate the crumbs Of Lucy's sandwich
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